Short Loans

These are loans extended to borrowers in reliance to the security provided by their investments. Funds invested in other financial institutions are also accepted for the purpose of taking SBS short loan. Up to 90% of amount invested can be taken out as Short Loan, to be repaid over a reasonable period of time with a maximum term of 36 months. Investments accounts that give short loans at SBS are Fixed Period Shares, Permanent Shares, Fixed Deposit and Subscription Shares.

Sipatji Advance

It is an advance (loan) facility that allows customers who are salaried through SBS to borrow up to E350, 000. Loan is payable over 60 months.

Employer Guaranteed loans

These loans are extended to employees of an institution/company/business against surety of the employer. Loans under this scheme can be for any purpose, such as, buying cars, furniture, and consolidation of debts or for building in Swazi Nation land. Loans for new cars are payable over a maximum term of 7 years.

Insurance Policy Loans

Insurance Policy Loans are extended to people who hold insurance policies with Swaziland Royal Insurance Corporation. Customers can borrow against their Insurance policies with SRIC.

Swaziland Building Society