Application Requirements
  • Proof of income: Current advise slip ,Current lease agreement where income is rental based, Audited financial statements, cash flow projections and 6 months bank statement for companies
  • Confirmation of employment / contract of employment
  • Deed of sale in case of purchase / copy of tittle deed
  • Valid identity documents
  • Proof of current utility bill and declaration form
  • For trust applications: copy of trust document and resolution to borrow
  • For companies : form J and form C, Memorandum / Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation and Resolution to borrow
Insurance Cover

We encourage that all loans financed by SBS are covered under the Mortgage Protection Policy and House-Owner’s Insurance. It shall be a condition precedent to the loan being disbursed to the Borrower, that the Borrower shall take insurance cover and pay premiums in respect of such insurance policy. In the event that the Borrowers insurer cancels such a policy ,the Society shall reserve the right to force insure the loan to protect its interests. It is further recorded that the Borrower has right to choose the insurer intermediary with whom he shall conclude a contract of insurance to secure the dept.