1What is Debit card Fraud?
When someone steals both your personal identification number (PIN) and debit card or debit card information and uses it without your permission to: withdraw cash from an automated teller machine (ATM) or make purchases in stores or make purchases online.
2How can my Debit card be compromised?
  • Skimming – When a card information is captured through magnetic stripe inserted in an ATM, which stores information for later use.
  • Phishing- By clicking onto links received on emails or pop-up windows and further provide your personal or account information.
3How does SBS do to protect my card from fraud?
  • Swaziland Building Society has controls in place in collaboration with UPI which monitors account activity and patterns of transactions. Our fraud monitoring office monitors account transactions and contact account holders immediately when there is suspicious transactions.
  • Once SBS detects fraud in your account, your card is immediately blocked and not allow any transacting to protect your funds in the account.
  • SBS offers services of *800# where customers are able to view their account statements at any time.
4How can I protect myself from becoming a victim of fraud?
  • Make sure that you have register your cellphone number with SBS to receive SMS notifications for every activity happening in your account and notify the bank immediately when you change numbers.
  • Never share your personal or bank account information by phone or email. SBS will never ask for your details over the phone or email.
  • Monitor your account as much as possible using *800# or get statement for any branch and report any unauthorized transactions immediately.
  • If you note that you have share your information to someone illegitimate, report immediately to the bank.
  • When on ATM, always shield your PIN with the other hand.
  • Never accept help from strangers at an ATM
  • If someone interrupts you, cancel the transaction, remove your card and leave immediately
  • Always check that the card you receive is your card
  • Stop your card at the ATM immediately if you think it has been compromised
  • Never let your card out of sight when making payment
  • Avoid carrying large sum of money, you can use ePocket or swipe your debit card to do payments.
5What do I do when I notice unauthorized transactions in my account or my card is lost or stolen?
You contact SBS immediately to report at 24041313 or 8006010.
6Do I get refund or credit back for a disputed transaction in my account?
Once you have reported your case, the investigative team review the case through all the required documents, come out with findings, hence contact you and advice accordingly.