What is Western Union?

Western Union (WU) is a quick global money transfer service provider which allows people to send and receive money around the world. WU has agents across the globe where money can be sent or remitted. In Eswatini, is accessible over the counter at selected Swaziland Building Society (SBS) branches.

Who uses the Western Union money transfer service?

Individuals who needs to send or receive money quickly. This often includes people who are supporting friends or relatives living in a foreign country and travellers.

1How is money paid out to individual receivers?
Over the counter cash at any of the SBS Branches mentioned.
2How can I find out if money sent by me has been transferred?
You will receive MTCN from Foreign Exchange / Western Union Teller after the money has been sent. You will then share MTCN with receiver.

What's required if I want to send or receive money?

1Sending money
  • Fill up integrated form
  • ID card or passport
  • Receiver's full name and physical address
  • Proof of income for amounts exceeding E5000 (non-SBS customers)
    Proof of residence for amounts exceeding E5000 (non-SBS customers)
  • You will receive a 10 digit Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) to share with receiver
2Receiving money
  • Fillupintegratedform
  • IDcardorpassport
  • Proof of income for amounts exceeding E5000 (non-SBS customers)
    Proof of residence for amounts exceeding E5000 (non-SBS customers)
  • Produce 10 digits MTCN your sender has given you.
3How can I find out if money sent to me is available for pick up?
You will receive the MTCN and details of the sender. Then visit any of the below stated SBS branches.
4Sender may share MTCN to receiver using preferred channel. Can use any of the below and not limited to them;
  1. Call
  2. SMS
  3. WhatsApp or any social media platform
  4. Email
5Which SBS branches offer Western Union?

Currently offered at the following places during branch operating hours:

  • Mbabane - Asakhe Branch & Executive Suite Asakhe House
  • Ezulwini - The Gables Branch
  • Matsapha - Matsapha Branch
  • Manzini - Executive Suite Sikhulile Branch
6Safety tips
  • Don't share WU transaction information with any one.
  • Keep your MTCN safe
  • After cashing, ensure your cash is kept safe before leaving the counter
  • Never request assistance from anyone except consultants inside SBS
  • After cashing your money make sure its safe
7Whom do I contact if I need help or when I spot something suspicious?

Immediately contact the following touch points:

Contact centre: 2404 1313

Toll free number (land lines): 800 6010

(Cell phone rates may apply)

WhatsApp: 7808 9910 E-mail: info@sbs.co.sz