What is *800#?
It is a USSD that enables SBS customers who have savings or transactions accounts to buy, pay and transact using their mobile devices
What is USSD?
Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) sometimes referred to as "Short Code" that enables access to a particular service provider server. The code is programmed into your SIM card or your cell phone to make it easier to perform certain transactions.
What is the name of the *800# services?
It is called Mobile Services (*800#).

Registration and accessibility

What should I do to access *800#?
In order to access *800#, you will need to have a savings or transactional account and also register for mobile services.
What is Customer file/CIF?
It is a customer file number. For older accounts, use older account numbers as CIF, adding 1 at the beginning of the number. New customers are given a new number entirely starting with a 2.
How I get to know my file number?
Dial *800# on the menu, go to settings, profile then file number.
Will I still need ATM card to apply for mobile services?
No card number is required for the registration of Cellphone Banking, only File Number (CIF).
Am I able to register *800# online?
Not at the moment. For security and compliance reasons, customers will only be able to register at SBS branches. However, PIN reset can be done at the comfort of your home.
Are Eswatini Mobile customers able to apply for *800#?
Yes. All SBS customers using Eswatini Mobile will be able to register for *800#.
Can I have *800# on both MTN Eswatini & Eswatini Mobile?
Either Eswatini Mobile or MTN Eswatini. Not both.
Which accounts qualify for *800#?
  • Spatji Savings
  • Ordinary Savings
  • Special Savings
  • Gold Savings
Do I require airtime to access *800# platform?
Accessing *800# is free.
How do I access menu of the mobile platform?
Simply dial *800#. Enter password and go through.

Making payments

Am I able to transfer to my investments accounts?
Yes. You will be able to transfer from transactional or savings account to Permanent and Subscription Shares.
Will I also be able to transfer using e-mali on Eswatini Mobile?
Not at the moment.
Am I able to transfer to other people's investment account numbers?
Yes. You will also be able to transfer to other investment and savings accounts.


What happens if I punch wrong electricity number when buying electricity?
When buying electricity, before the transaction is finished you will be given location for you to confirm.
What happens when a token SMS is not sent after purchasing electricity?
You can view or retrieve token by dialling *800#, on the menu choose prepaid, go to electricity then view recent tokens.
Am I able to buy data bundles on *800#?
Yes, you will be able to purchase data bundles only on Eswatini Mobile for now.

Utilities - water bill payments

Can I view my balance before making payment?
Yes. *800# allows you to view balance before making water bill payment.
Can I pay more than the water bill balance?
Yes. You are allowed to pay any amount, it can be less or more than the balance amount
What if I punch-in wrong water number?
Metre number location is shown before proceeding with payment.
Can I pay for others metre number?
Yes. You can pay for your parents, relatives and friends.
When does my payment reflect in my account?
The payment reflects immediately. Then proof of payment is sent to you through SMS.
Does the *800# platform keep history of transaction numbers?
Yes, the platform keeps 3 recently used favorites for mobile number, meter number and account number.

Self service

What is the new way of resetting PIN?
Send SMS to the number 3000 in order to reset pin or unlock login account. Type PIN & space, enter Cellphone number & space, enter CIF number then send to 3000. It is free to send SMS.


What are the service limits per day?
Electricity: E25 to E5000
MTN Eswatini airtime: E5 to E300 Eswatini Mobile Airtime : E5 to E300
MoMo top-up: E20 to E5000 per transaction and E20000 per day