Have a question? Here’s a list of frequently asked questions about our app. For more info, watch our how-to videos or give us a call on +268 24041313.

1How do I get started?

If you're already registered for Online Banking, you can use the same login details for our app. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to start using the app.

If you’re not already an Online Banking customer, you can register in our app or through Online Banking.

2More about registering for Online Banking

To start using the app, you’ll need to make sure you have an up-to-date KYC (Know Your Customer) document submitted with us to complete the phone authentication process.

If you don't have a valid phone number registered with us, register one now.

3More about registering for Online Banking How do I access Mobile Banking if I don’t have the app?

If you’re registered for Online Banking, you can log in simply and securely through your mobile browser.

  • Register
  • Login
4Is the SBS Mobile Banking App secure?
Yes. Our app uses security software and encryption to keep the banking details on your device safe and private. Learn more about our SBS Mobile Banking App security.
5I have several mobile devices. Can I get the SBS Mobile Banking App on all of them?
Yes. You can download and simply login with your credentials.
6How do I login to the SBS Mobile Banking App once registered?
Once registered for the SBS Mobile Banking App, you will be required to enter your password. Alternatively, you can unlock using biometrics access for your Android, Huawei & IOS devices.
7What if I've forgotten my login details?
If you’ve forgotten your login details, you can reset your password in your app or browser.
8What happens if I reset the SBS Mobile Banking App?
Resetting our app will return it to its original settings. You’ll need to register your device again before you can log in using your app.
9Will the SBS Mobile Banking App still work if I change my cell phone number?
If you're using the same mobile phone and just changing your number, you can carry on using your app as before. However, OTP to authorize payments will still be sent to the old cell number if the new number has not been updated at the bank.
10What is Biometric authentication?

Biometric Authentication is a way to verify, beyond a doubt, that a person is who they say they are by checking distinctive biological or physical characteristics. This could be a fingerprint, an iris/ retina scan, or some other physical characteristics.

You can use your device (Android, iOS, Huawei) biometric function to login your SBS Mobile Banking App.

The SBS Mobile Banking App will verify that the fingerprint or iris/retina used to login is verified by your device. If there are no fingerprints registered, then fingerprint authentication won’t be available.

11If I use Biometric authentication to login, will I still need to remember my SBS Mobile Banking App password?
Yes, it is very important that you do not forget your Online Banking password. There may be times when your device biometric authentication can't properly read your fingerprint. After three unsuccessful biometric authentication attempts, you will need to use your password to login. You may still be asked to enter your SBS Mobile Banking App password from time to time.
12Am I forced to use Biometric authentication?
No, Biometric authentication can be turned on or off at any time by simply toggling the switch ‘on’ or ‘off’ in your Mobile Banking App’s security settings.
13What does auto log-out mean?
This is a 'timeout' feature that stops you from accidentally leaving your SBS Mobile Banking App profile open on your mobile device. You’ll be automatically logged out of the app after a period of inactivity.
14What happens if I change my device?
Reset your SBS Mobile Banking App profile through the app settings on your current device to de-register it. Then download app on your new device App Store and follow the steps to register it. You’ll need a device running on iOS, Android and Huawei - check the App Store, Google Play and Huawei Store for more details.
15Why might the SBS Mobile Banking App ask for my username and password instead of allowing Biometric authentication?
Occasionally, we may need to temporarily disable your ability to login using Biometric authentication. If this happens, you'll be asked to log in with your username, password to access your accounts.
16Is SBS Mobile Banking App secure?
Yes, SBS Mobile Banking App utilizes best practices in securing your accounts, such as secure access protocols, encryption, password access, validation tokens to authorize transactions and application timeout when your phone is not in use. In the event your phone is lost or stolen, the service can be immediately disabled by calling our customer support line at +268 24041313.
17How much does this service cost?
Access to SBS Mobile Banking App is free of charge for all SBS customers. However, there may be charges associated with text messaging and data usage on your device. Check with your mobile network operator (MNO) for applicable fees.
18What devices are supported?





iOS 12.4.8 and above

iPhone 6S and above


Android 9 and above

Various devices



Various devices

19How do I register the SBS Mobile Banking App without going to a branch?
Simply search “SBS Mobile Banking App” on your device App Store, download and open the app. Then simply enter your ID number, Transactional (Sipatji, Gold Savings, Special Savings, Ordinary Savings Account Number i.e., 51XXXXXXXX & Debit Card Number.
20Will I need data when transacting on the app?
The SBS Mobile Banking App can be accessed on any local mobile network - Eswatini MTN or Eswatini Mobile. Normal data charges apply, check with your mobile network operator (MNO) for applicable fees. You can also use our app on a secure Wi-Fi network.
21Is it secure?
Our app was designed with security top of mind. Treat your SBS Mobile Banking App password like you do your bank card PIN - never share it with anyone. The app is linked to your mobile device, which means that nobody can access your accounts using the app if they do an unauthorized SIM swap on your mobile number.
22Is the download free?
There is no charge for downloading SBS Mobile Banking App. However, you need mobile data, airtime or access to Wi-Fi to download the app.
23I’ve lost my cellphone. Now what?
So long as you've kept your SBS Mobile Banking App PIN a secret, your money will be secure. But please contact us immediately so we can suspend your Remote Banking access until you get your new cellphone.
24Can I use it overseas?
Yes, so long as your App is active before you travel. Note that you’ll be charged international roaming costs by your mobile network service provider, but you can use the app without roaming by accessing a secure Wi-Fi network.
25Can I use both Cellphone Banking (*800#) and SBS Mobile Banking App on my mobile device?
Yes, you can access both platforms from the same device. We recommend that you register for both the cellphone banking (*800#) and SBS Mobile Banking App when you are opening a transactional account. By registering both at the time of your enrolment, you will eliminate the need to make changes or visit the branch later.
26What if I forget to sign out?
You will automatically be signed out after 5 minutes of not using the app.
27Can the SBS Mobile Banking App be copied to another mobile device once installed?
No. To help keep your account safe, only one activated version of the app can exist at a time. So only you can access your accounts on your mobile device on which you activated the app.
28How much data will I need to download the app?
The app varies in size depending on your mobile device’s operating system. The exact app file size is available in your mobile device’s app store. Search for “SBS Mobile Banking App”.
29What is my username?
You can create your own username using a combination of alpha-numeric characters.
30Can I connect to Wi-Fi to use the SBS Mobile Banking App?
Yes, the app can be used when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. We encourage you to only use secure Wi-Fi networks.
31I can’t download the app. What must I do?

Have you checked that you have:

  • A mobile device running on a supported operating system
  • Internet connectivity (Mobile data, airtime or Wi-Fi)

For support, call our Contact Centre on +268 24041313.

32I can’t activate the SBS Mobile Banking App. What must I do?
A message will be displayed if there was an issue during activation.
You should also check that you have cellular connectivity, enough airtime or data, and that you are entering the right username and PIN when prompted.
33I used the wrong app PIN. Now what?
You need to visit your nearest branch if your access has been suspended after entering the incorrect PIN a couple of times. This is a security feature to prevent anyone else accessing your account.
34How will I know when my SBS Mobile Banking App has been activated?
Once registration is complete, you will automatically be logged in. You can immediately start navigating through the app.
35Can I sign out of the SBS Mobile Banking App after I’ve finished transacting?
Yes. It is important to always sign out once you’ve finished transacting on the app.
36How do I sign in to SBS Mobile Banking App and approve transactions?
If you have activated the app on your mobile device, a message with a One-Time Password (OTP) will be displayed on the app prompting you to verify login and/or transactions.
37I forgot my login password. What now?
Simply open the app and tap Forgot Password. You will be able to reset your password on the app, without visiting a branch.
38What must I do if someone knows my SBS Mobile Banking App Password?
Change your Password immediately. Sign in on your app and tap the menu in the bottom right corner. Tap Settings, choose Change your Password and enter your current password, enter a new password and confirm to update it.
39How will I know that I need to install a new version of the app?
You’ll get a notification through your mobile device’s official app store or we’ll notify via push notifications.
40How will I know if a transaction was successfully processed?
Transactions are not processed (or completed) until you see a message confirming that the transaction was successful. You can also check your transaction history to confirm transactions.
41How do I get notifications for my transactions?

You can receive these as free in-app notifications, or as SMS at a cost.

  • In-app messages - require an active internet connection. Normal data charges apply, check with your mobile network operator (MNO) for applicable fees. 
  • SMS messages (refer to our fees)

To update your App preferences:

  • Sign in on our app
  • Choose Settings
  • Choose SMS notifications
  • Choose Enable push notifications
42Can I use the App to alert the Society when travelling outside the country?
Yes, once you can activate the travel authorization on the app, you will be able to log your travel itinerary straight from the app.