Do I need to be a SBS customer to send money?
Yes, you must be a SBS customer with a transactional account registered on *800# to be able to send money via ePocket.
Can non-SBS customers send money once it's in their ePocket?
No, ePocket to e-Pocket is only limited to registered *800# SBS customers.
How long does it take for ePocket PIN to expire?
PIN expires after 16 hours.
Your can still regenerate a new PIN for your yourself on ePocket Will I be able to withdraw ePocket money on other channels apart from SBS ATM?
ePocket cash withdrawal will be done on SBS ATMs.
What could cause Send Money transaction to fail?
Due to insuficient funds .
If you attempt to send an amount that is below or above transaction limit How will fraud and complaints be handled?
The Contact Center will be available to assist with handling fraud and complaints.
What is the difference between an ATM PIN and ePocket PIN ?
An ATM PIN can be used repeatedly, while an ePocket PIN is used only once.
What happens if I send money to the wrong cell phone number?
You can reject the Send Money transaction on the authorization step.
For queries and to report any anomaly or fraud?
Please contact the Contact Centre on
Tell: 2404 1313,
Email: or reach us on our social media platforms.
Alternatively, you can visit the nearest branch for assistance.