Prices Galore for Swaziland Building Society Customers

Prices Galore for Swaziland Building Society Customers

Swaziland Building Society (SBS), as part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives, sponsored this year’s Mother Tongue Day commemoration.

The celebration’s theme was “Using Technology for Multilingual Learning: Challenges and Opportunities.”

SBS Manager Marketing Veli Dlamini said the Society also donated branded t-shirts to the pupils of Elangeni High School, who performed ummiso and sibhaca cultural dances.

He said it was part of the Society’s objectives to plough back to the nation through social responsibility programmes.

Dlamini said the Society also contributed to sports development by sponsoring netball, tennis and golf. 

Siswati Senior Inspector Celiwe Mohammed thanked the Society for its generosity, especially to the Elangeni High School pupils who displayed outstanding performances in sibhaca and ummiso.

“As a form of appreciation for their performance, one of our outstanding sponsors Swaziland Building Society presented them with very beautiful t-shirts branded with the Society’s logo. It was such a wonderful and kind gesture,” she said.

She said highlights of the day included the awarding of outstanding individuals and traditional performances such as sibhaca and ummiso.

Mohammed said the objective of the Mother Tongue Day celebration was to present research in the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in language and technology development locally.

She said the other objective was to provide out-of-class ICT experience to help learners master their native language.

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Prices Galore for Swaziland Building Society Customers
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